Services We Provide

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Design and Engineering

We have expert Engineers and Designers in-house.


Our team have been designing and fabricating on-going multiple projects for clients such as Cross Yarra Partnership which has brought together three of Australia's leading construction partners, John Holland Pty Ltd, Lendlease Engineering Pty Ltd and Bouygues Construction Pty Ltd.


Workshop & Fabrication

Our fully equipped workshop is able to provide custom fabrication solutions and manufacturing for all industries. 


We work with all steel types and welding procedures from Arc, to Mid and Tig with skilled Boiler Makers or Sheet metal workers allocated to the appropriate job type.  

Structural Steel, Industrial Spooling & Stainless Steel materials are kept in stock to allow a fast transition to fabrication on approval of the final scope of work & specification.

Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

3PE offers Laser and Plasma Cutting services. 

Laser Cutting:


  • Stainless Steel: 0.55mm upto 50mm

  • Mild Steel: 0.55mm upto 100mm (Black Grade 250, 350 * Cold rolled * Pickled & Oiled *Corten WH350)

  • Tool Steel: 0.55 upto 20mm

  • Aluminum: 0.55mm upto 80mm (5005, 5083, 5052)

  • Galvanize, Zincanealed: 0.55mm upto 3mm

  • MDF, Acrylic, Plywood: 0.55mm upto 32mm

  • Copper, Brass: 0.55 upto 20mm

Plasma Cutting:

  • Cutting thickness up to 50mm

  • High definition plasma machine for maximum edge squareness

  • Large cutting bed area

  • Beveling any profile shape up to 45° in angle.

Laser Cutting

Modular Housing Design

We offer best-in-class, portable modules, truck design and construction to meet your specific requirements.  


Whether you need an office, accommodation container, tiny house, or a cafe, restaurant, food truck, pop-up shop or retail market container, we can create it for you!

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Welding specialist

Welding Procedures & Compliance Testing

We provide standards certification for procedural welding on construction projects and for manufacturing companies in Victoria and throughout Australia. 


Our in-house testing & training facility is available 6 days per week & may be booked up to 6 months in advance to ensure a plan for bi-annual certification of weld professionals involved in larger projects with ongoing weld procedure requirements is established.


Skilled Labour Hire

24/7 Welding maintenance crew:


3PE has multiple mobile welding & fabrication units which can be deployed to your site at a moment's notice.  Each unit is equipped with welding and fabrication equipment to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

On-Call Labour hires skilled welders & fabricators: Plant Repair & Modifications Earthmoving, Drilling & Tunneling equipment repair such as split buckets on earthmovers, auger blade welding, sprocket welding & chain welding.

Construction Stich Plate Welding Crews.

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