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Are Portable Kitchen, bar or winery a solution for the future?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The world has changed. In the past, people had to rely on hard-to-maintain and expensive cafes, restaurants, and bars to stay connected to their communities. But thanks to 3PE, individuals can now own their own portable kitchen or bar that doesn't need to be tied down to a location.

3PE, engineer, design, and build portable commercial kitchens and fully functional bars designed for all kinds of needs. These units can be taken anywhere due to their portability, making it easy for people to start new ventures in places where the business has been slow or non-existent. The presence of one of these units at an outdoor event or even in someone's backyard garden could be enough to attract business from people in a wide range of locations—attracting customers from a variety of locations is great for helping small businesses gain exposure.

Portable kitchens and bars allow businesses to cut down on costs when running an actual restaurant or bar since these units already have all the necessary equipment built-in (and can easily be upgraded). This makes it easier for owners to find a balance between being profitable and keeping prices affordable so they can get more business without losing out financially.

A restaurant owner once told me, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." But with a portable kitchen, bar or café from 3PE Build, you can make delicious meals and drinks out of just about anything.

When clients heard about our solutions and our portable kitchens, bars and cafés, their input to us that it was a great idea for two reasons: first, it allows for the creation of new businesses--even in small towns where the current infrastructure does not support the operation of full-sized restaurants. Second, it can easily allow restaurant owners to expand their business without having to worry about staying within the confines of their current location.

With these portable facilities, entrepreneurs and existing restaurateurs alike can focus on cooking the best food they know, instead of worrying about all the other stuff that comes along with owning a restaurant or a bar. Best yet is that it's still possible to maintain the high quality we've come to expect from these establishments.

This is because the portable kitchen, bar or café can be built with top-of-the-line materials and designs to ensure that everything is done right the first time around. This means that all meals can be cooked in an efficient manner with no worries about faulty equipment or techniques.

Also, these portable solutions were great for our clients during the pandemic Covid lockdown as they support the government's health direction. It allowed the clients to work more flexible, under less stress and were able to deliver to their customers through drive-throughs and services such as Uber eats.

Talking about Uber eats or Menu Log, the future of flexibility and staying at home while getting your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant or bar delivered is just the future. Many chefs operate from portable commercial kitchens serving only to deliver to your home or through the drive-through. Why? Cause they can when they have a 3PE build full commercial kitchen—same kitchen appliances and quality that you find in 5-star restaurants or bars.

So Yes! that is the answer; portable solutions are made for the future and for the ones who are willing to grow or expand their business.

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