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3PE & Flying Brick Cider Co

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

When Emily Lions (Executive Assistant) contacted 3PE, we knew what she was after and need it. We planned and designed what she was envisioning. Emily communicated with one of our engineers and project manager to finalize her wish.

After few weeks, 3PE delivered the module to Flying Brick Cider Co and it was a success.

Although it was a very tight space to bring in the portable 3PE module, our team were able to place the dream where it needed it be.

The look on the chefs face was just un-explainable, Josh Readers expressed his happiness through removing the covers and tape from the kitchen with no patience.

Emily did ask for few things to be changed as she had issues with the wifi due to her location and the reception of internet was low. 3PE were easy and fast to jump to conclusion to fix the relocation of the internet cables to her desires. Minor changes were made in the kitchen/bar but it was a simple solve with 3PE team.

Emily & Josh were happy with what 3PE provided and how we are not afraid to go beyond and above the expectations.

Emily had lots to say about us so go and play the video to hear what Emily and Josh have to say.

Written By Chris Ali

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