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How have COVID-19 affected businesses & Portable Kitchen solutions?

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Melbourne’s hospitality sector is expected to continue for some time, with industry leaders predicting more restaurant closures and a shift to suburban locations.

Restaurant & Catering Association chief executive Wes Lambert said the slow return of workers to Melbourne’s CBD continued to harm hospitality businesses but a shift to the suburbs was underway.

He said that there has been an increase in restaurants moving from city locations to suburbs like Fitzroy and Brunswick. He said that in recent weeks there had been an increase in restaurants shifting out of city locations and opening in suburbs such as Fitzroy and Brunswick.

Portable kitchen solution in Melbourne city
Melbourne City & Portable Kitchen

“It’s not just about getting people coming back into the city but getting them coming back into their old haunts,” Mr Lambert said. “What we are seeing is that there has been a large number of closures in the city centre and … we are starting to see new openings [in the suburbs] because they are seeing a lot more foot traffic.”

The City of Melbourne is a significant economic driver for Victoria. It is not just the financial capital of Australia – it is also home to one of the country’s largest business districts, a leading tourist destination, and an attractive residential area.

Unfortunately, in 2019 due to COVID-19 pandemic has left a lasting mark on Australia's economy, but it will not be the end of the world.

After the COVID-19 health crisis is over, many assume life will go back to normal again or even roar like the 1990s.

When it comes to food, the image of consumers dumping their sourdough starters and rushing back out to restaurants and bars is palpable. consumers in Australia, many have said they will be buying fresh food and cooking more than they did before the pandemic. While restaurant dining will surely increase from today’s levels, consumers are telling us frequency will remain stunted compared to 2019.

The reasons are clear - people are still recovering from a devastating year when it comes to their wallets and their lives. The global economy may have returned to growth but it remains fragile at best with unemployment still high in most major economies.

This means that for most people there simply isn't much extra cash left over for restaurants or cafes after paying bills and other everyday costs like groceries

A manager at one prominent restaurant, preferring to remain anonymous, says, "I never thought I'd wish for another lockdown. That's how bad it is."

"People have been conditioned for 22 months to worry about case numbers," says Wes Lambert, chief executive of the Restaurant Industry Association. "It is important that the government recognises consumers are voting with their feet and the hospitality industry will continue to need government support until consumer confidence returns."

When the economy is rocky, it can be a little scary for business owners and entrepreneurs to open up shop.

Before you make any final decisions, consider taking the portability of a mobile business as an option. Mobile businesses are flexible and affordable and can be started with a low investment. 3PE Build offers mobile kitchens, bars, and winery modules that can be easily assembled in any location—from a vacant lot to a well-established shopping strip. With 3PE Build, you'll build your dream business without putting your family's future at risk.

Portable Winery in St Kilda
Portable Winery in St Kilda

Portable Kitchen & Portable Bar in Point Leo Melbourne
Portable Kitchen & Portable Bar in Point Leo Melbourne

This is what 3PE wants to bring to the public: Portable Kitchen, Portable Bars, a portable winery or a portable space for seating's and customers to dine in. These portables are the state of the artwork, bringing high-quality stainless steel, air-conditioned, perfect solutions for every special event. Whether you want to expand your restaurant or open a takeaway food service, our portable services are delivered Australia-wide.

A portable commercial Kitchen has been our key solution for most of our customers. They are different from food trucks, as they are modernised and more appealing when it comes to the look.

3PE also provides a shipping container kitchen, but they are limited to our in-house built modules as you can go three levels and expand your space using multiple modules with a bigger open space.

With 3PE, you'll never have to worry about dealing with any limitations on your business again. Whether you're looking for something small or expanding your space at your restaurant, bar or winery.

Please contact us or visit our page for more information.

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