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Allow us to bring our wealth of experience to the forefront. We can help you build your next commercial portable kitchen, portable brewery, portable bar or portable winery on time, on budget and with far less hassle than expected. Increase your productivity and efficiency today!
With the recent decline of the food industry, we have been fortunate to have invested in the right materials and technology to answer this question.

As a result, our modules are portable, environmentally friendly, meet Australian Food standards and offer a finish that can't compare. Whether it's portable kitchens, bars or winery you are after, we can cater to any kitchen layout or budget.

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Kitchen Modules

Having the right portable kitchen equipment and layout is the key to running a successful operation. At 3PE Build, we understand that our customers need flexibility.
This is the reason why we have developed affordable portable commercial kitchens in Australia that provides a modern, professional and ergonomic environment for chefs to work in. The perfect environment for cooking.

If you need help with setting up a commercial kitchen or think that hiring a professional designer will cost you a fortune, then 3PE Build might not just be for you, but it should be.
They provide high-quality designs and modules that are built to last, and their expertise in this niche market has helped bring more efficiency into the field. 

It took us 100800 Minutes. Just a touch of expertise. Supported by best of inhouse engineers.
Point Leo Compliment what we do. What length would 3pe go to provide for its clients? the whole way is the answer.

Winery Modules

If you are in wine-making or a bar business and looking for a winery that is portable, 3PE Build has a range of modular options developed in Australia to meet Australian standards.
The high-quality and portable winery module is the perfect solution for commercial wineries who are after a commercial-grade winery that is easy to transport, cost-effective and meets Australian standards.

Brewery & Bar Modules

With 3PE-BUILD you can deliver high-quality products anywhere in the country. Take your business to new locations, leaving your competitors behind.
Utilizing our exclusive 3PE-BAR and BREWIN modules, your customers will be experiencing a product that is 5-star, at any location and at any time of day. 

Our commitment to excellence means that we continually improve the quality of our work and ensure that we provide an excellent product and service. We design and manufacture units using high-quality materials which are designed to meet Australian standards

Add us to your business cart, and thats all you need for your cart, as we fullfill all of your needs.

Infinite Opportunities

3PE designs give you the opportunity to operate anywhere you possibly want. The designs are tough and strong to be taken around the world. 

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Innovated in Australia

Designed and Engineered in Australia using the highest quality materials. 


 Engineered to Stand Out

Our Engineers have worked with every module to ensure that it meets our client's needs and wants. 


Cost-efficient & Easy Transport

3PE modules can be transported with ease and with no hassles. An average tow truck can transport one of our winery modules, and it's cost-efficient. 



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