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Our 20 years in the industry have seen us engineer some fantastic projects. 3PE has worked with significant clients and aims to change the food and wine industry into a unique experience


We have observed, studied, and determined to create environmentally sustained modernised portable Bar & Wineries.


At 3PE, we have bar & brewery units that are hireable or owned. The design and build by 3PE are advanced and one of the best in the market. We have engineered and modernized our modules to fit the need and are certified to the Australian food safety standards.


Depending on your requests, the 3PE team can design and build accordingly to your vision. We can create whatever your dream is, and the possibilities are endless.


Our brewery & bar units are certified to Aussie food hygiene standards and ready for commercial operation.



  • 1x 3 Tap Keg Fridge​

  • 1x 3 Door Fridge

  • 3x Stainless Bench

  • 1x Double Sink

  • 1x Ice well

  • 4x Shelves | Tiered

  • Hard-wood facade

  • Full serving window

  • Security Shutter

  • 1 x hot water unit

  • 1x water outlet

  • 3 phase power (32-amp, 5-pin)

  • Timber Back-Wall

  • ​​​Floor drain

  • Vinyl Flooring

  • LED lighting

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