3PE & Beach Club

Beach club communicated with 3PE about an idea. A bar on the beach of PORT MELBOURNE. Having DJ, drinks and the bar. What experience could this bring to everyone? a part with full bar on the beach is insane and awesome.

So we created this bar to be on sand near the beach, this means we need to make sure that the 3PE portable Bar can withstand the salt of the beach and its environment.

3PE engineers are able to create a safe module that can withstand any environment. As we provide strong material and high quality products, we did not worry.

3PE portable Bar arriving at Port Melbourne for Beach Party.

Our CEO Charlie Hamod was also on-site to make sure everything is going according to plan. Charlie's great character and laughter chatting with the site manager as the portable kitchen was craned on to the specified location.

The Beach Party Bar were happy with the final product and could not stop hiding their smiles.

Hear what they had to say

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